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How data helps Ruby deliver a WOW customer experience

Wendy Miller, Senior VP of Customer Success at Ruby, is passionate about building customer-focused organisations that enable frontline teams to create strong and lasting client relationships while maximising company profitability.
March 15, 2022

Barry’s: how to grow your customer service ‘gains’

“Workout hard and be nice” is the simple yet powerful mantra of leading fitness brand Barry’s Fitness Studios, encapsulating the culture and reinforcing the values that have made this global business as successful as it is today with more than 82 locations around the world.
December 27, 2021

Working up a storm in the fitness world

Mel believes her greatest success is that she’s proven that it’s possible to become the best version of yourself and to create change and inspire others, even without a ‘formal’ education in the fitness industry. Her interview with us is a testament to her tenacity, leadership style and ability to build her business by building others up to be their best…
December 15, 2021

Creating a culture of care through leading by example

Building mastery in any frontline skill—customer communication, problem-solving, complaint handling, and so on—takes time. It takes multiple coaching touches, repeated practice sessions, and consistent reinforcement. It’s like climbing a ladder.
November 23, 2021

The Connection Between Employee Experience & Customer Experience

Before we can understand the connection between EX and CX — we must first understand the key differences. The first difference Mike highlights is the balance of power. Think about the good old saying “The customer is always right”. When you apply that to the employee, it doesn’t have the same ring.
September 28, 2021

Leading yourself and business through change

 Les Mills is a company that is crystal clear on its vision: “50 years ago, we had a dream — to make humans fit for life. We bring the world’s best music, moves, and instructors together to create life-changing fitness experiences, powered by science.”
September 27, 2021

When world-class customer experience is the aim - personal and team motivation is key

Greenix is a company that cares about its customers and the team loves what it does. But...Mitchell acknowledges that pest control might not be everyone’s first job choice and that frontline roles aren’t always the easiest roles. He believes that as a leader, you can’t apologise for that, but he does have plenty of ideas around how to keep yourself and your team motivated…
September 18, 2021

How mentoring helps frontline businesses get ahead

Sally Coates, CEO of Retail Mentors, fell in love with the retail industry at just 11 years old. Tenacious and ambition, she set out to identify people who could help her land a job in her dream industry. She didn’t know it back then – but what she was actually doing was looking for mentors. 
June 23, 2021

35 years of frontline service wisdom

Leaders challenge their people to put themselves in the customer's situation and give them the freedom to get creative and take action. “What would the customer want, appreciate and value if you did it? Sometimes that costs us a little money to fix problems that we don't pass onto the customer.
June 9, 2021

Finding Your Purpose

If you asked Matt Brown, founder of “My Father’s Barber” what his occupation was, he’d tell you that he was a barber, hair artist, and educator. But if you asked Matt what his purpose was, he’d give you a very different answer…
May 19, 2021

Success At The Ritz-Carlton Is Simple: Your Bottom-line, Depends On Your Frontline!

In an exclusive presentation from the AskNicely Frontline Experience Summit, Horst reveals his key to success: his frontline employees.
May 3, 2021

The Anatomy Of Employee Engagement In 4 Easy Buckets

At the Frontline Experience Summit Laurie Reuttimann's key note dug into the relationship between happy and engaged frontline employees, and the output of an organization.
May 3, 2021


Matt Brown

Matt Brown: She Is Not Your Rehab

She is Not your Rehab, My Fathers Barber

Horst Schulze

Horst Schulze: Excellence Wins

Ritz Carlton

Laurie Ruettiman

Laurie Ruettimann: Betting on You

Laurie Ruettimann

Dr. Patti Fletcher

Dr. Patti Fletcher: Thriving Through Human Connection


Stacy Armijo

Q&A Webinar with Amplify Credit Union and Stacy Armijo, CXO

Amplify Credit Union

Ish Cheyne

Leading yourself and business through challenging times

Les Mills

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