The Frontline Experience Project 2020

The world's largest study of customer experience at the frontline. Compare your customer experience playbook with the most customer obsessed businesses in the world.

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The Frontline Experience Project Offers:

Global Study

Join over 1,500 people powered businesses sharing insights on how they empower their frontline to win with customer experience. This is the definitive study for customer obsessed businesses.

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  • Operational practices that support frontline coaching, recognition, feedback and empowerment
  • The latest NPS results and trends by sector, company size and geography
  • Frameworks for driving systematic learning and innovation across the business

10 Mins to Frontline Magic

17 multi-choice questions and 4 open text questions (and some standard demographic questions). Collecting responses through September. Contributors will get early access to the 2020 Frontline Experience Benchmark Report once it's completed.

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