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Return on CX model

Find out what an amazing customer experience is worth for your business.
Download the Return on CX model for free
The Return on Customer Experience model is a downloadable spreadsheet where you can input up to 8 key metrics and calculate the annual bottom line impact of improvements to your NPS.

How the model works

This model is based of our experience helping thousands of businesses create awesome customer experiences, and is designed to help you quantify how NPS impacts your referrals, repeat business, staff retention and rework.
7 point increase in NPS leads to 1% increase in revenue
(London school of economics)
Promoters are 4.2x times more likely to make repeat purchases and/or refer friends.
(Temkin/XMi Research Study 2019)
Average gap between the lowest and highest performing locations is 57 points based on study of AskNicely customers.
(AskNicely Benchmark Study 2020)
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