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Create Frontline Magic

The Seven Daily Habits of World Class Frontline Teams

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This isn’t ‘just another book on business’

...there are enough of those. Creating Frontline Magic will inspire fearless frontline leadership at a time when frontline work has never been as important. It’s a must-read manual, focusing on how some of the world’s biggest brands create exceptional customer experiences; and how you can too -  by empowering your frontline teams. Understand why empowered frontline teams matter and then create your own by applying seven habits from seven powerful truth-talking chapters.

What's inside?

We’ve distilled game-changing  knowledge and experience from renowned frontline leaders into a powerful FREE book for frontline professionals.
Customer success
Practical processes
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Memorable stories
Latest insights
Chapter 1
“The service standard you set should be easy to understand, and even easier to follow...”
Christine McHugh
Former VP of Customer Service for Starbucks, Author
Chapter 2
"It's important that teams see a connection between the work that they’re doing, their team goals, and the highest level company goals so they know their work matters."
Scott Runkel
Former VP, Customer Experience, A&R Blocks
Chapter 4
"Gold stars are for everyone..."
Dan Cockerell
Ex. VP of the Magic Kingdom, Disney, Executive Coach
Other contributors to this book
Chapter 7
"Frontline feedback should be funneled directly to a company’s operations department with no delays. "
Josh York
Founder and CEO, GYMGUYZ
Chapter 6
"Frontline workers are an enviable resource for businesses..."
Devin Murphy
SVP of Operations, Barry's
Chapter 6
"Set key metrics and share performance results daily..."
Jerry Campbell
Director, Consumer Services Service Now
Bring out the best in your frontline teams
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