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How tech can enable a culture of coaching and self-improvement for the mobile workforce

Susanne Axelsson
Susanne Axelsson
March 12, 2022
How tech can enable a culture of coaching and self-improvement for the mobile workforce

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Who we heard from:

Jami Kaliebe (VP for Scarlet Health) and Vinny Pacione (VP for Consumer Technology and Digital Solutions at BioReference Laboratories) are passionate about creating modern digital health solutions to their patients' unique needs. In their current roles, they leverage cutting-edge technology to strengthen the frontline service experience in the healthcare domain within homes all across the US. 

The BIG idea:

Have you ever been to the doctor and then sent on your way for a follow up - such as a blood test? For what should be a quick test, the time, energy and friction to get that test done can be agonisingly frustrating. 

Scarlet Health®, a sub-brand of BioReference Laboratories, completes ‘the last medical mile’ by making in-home laboratory testing quick and convenient. Over the past year, their team has maintained a consistent and impressive NPS in the mid to high 90s and attributes these strong results to the technology that powers its frontline teams. 

Here’s how they did it…

Let’s dive in:

“Home healthcare isn’t new - but up until recently, it was reserved for exceptional circumstances. Covid made those ‘exceptional circumstances’ the norm and the acceleration in telehealth highlighted the chasm between what can be done virtually, and what must be done in person,”

explains Vinni.  

Recognising the challenge (and opportunity), BioReference created a service that allows patients to book in-home specimen collection; and courier for testing; without having to leave their home. 

Normally, a phlebotomist would treat a patient within a lab or customer health centre setting. The concept of collecting samples within a home setting was radically different to what team members were used to - not only are they there as a health professional for the patient; but also have to act as the administrator and courier to complete the test. 

Success relies on creating what Jami describes as a “Really strong decentralised frontline workforce”. For this, the team turned to the use of technology and frontline-centric platforms to empower their team to deliver superior service.

“There’s so much complexity in delivering a great service every time. They’re wearing 3-4 hats at any one time, so anything we can do to take work off their plate through technology and automation will help drive value, reduce errors and enable them focus on what they love doing - which is having positive interactions with their patient,” says Jami.

Through the use of apps, such as Ask Nicely and Skedulo, each phlebotomist has on hand at all times:

  • A daily schedule - ensuring they set out at the start of the day with all the supplies they need, a clear map and a timetable of where they need to be and what tasks will need to be completed. This helps their frontline team stick to important milestones throughout the day and ensures every customer receives consistent and reliable service.
  • Time saving tech - Technology can help remove the burden of important but low value ‘box ticking’ to make frontline work easier. Having a well defined and well integrated end-to-end process backed by technology helps remove manual steps and is the key to success if you want your people to focus on being their best; and giving their best.

The most important collection - feedback

Importantly, the Scarlet Health® team also has access to tech-enabled real time customer feedback and coaching which keeps the team motivated and accountable for their service. 

“Good feedback motivates them to keep going, and even when feedback is not positive, they’re able to use this as an indicator of what they can improve on,” adds Jami.

This feedback is shared across the business.

“Our support teams are cheering our frontline teams on and often have no idea who they are. Seeing that feedback in real time helps keep their finger on the pulse,” says Vinny.

Inspired to assess the ‘health’ of your customer service tech? Listen to the full video at the top of this page for more.

Susanne Axelsson

About the Author

Susanne Axelsson
Susanne is the Frontline Community Evangelist as well as the author and researcher for Frontline Magic Handbook. She believes happy customers are born out of great experiences. Great experiences are delivered by motivated frontline people.
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